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In the time of the pharaohs, many of the essential oils were literally worth a King’s ransom in Gold.
These Oils were cherished in temples and sanctuaries throughout the ancient world by those seeking spiritual illumination.  Tap into higher powers and heighten your spiritual awareness.  My favorites Oil is:

Egyptian Gold 5 ml. bottle
Retail Price:  $49.00


 You have the Power over your


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"Self Healing Secrets of the Ancients"

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  Health Coaching  

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Sandra  Bliss



 Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils 

 Transforms & Empowers you



All Young Living Essential Oils have the European AFNOR (Association French Normalization Organization Regulation) or 
ISO certification, (International Standards Organization) seal of approval, which sets the standards for identifying Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils, (as opposed to Inferior Grades of Oils).  No fillers, additives, fragrances, preservatives or anything else has been added 
to these 100% Organic plant extracts.


Uses of Essential Oils

Personal Care 
  Pain  Relief
Cleaning Home 



I welcome you to contact me for guidance, & knowledge
in selecting the desired benefit you are wanting in a product.


Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils

Essential Nutrition, & NingXia Red Drink & Wolfberries

Herbs, Vitamins, Single Oils, Oil Blends
 Massage Oils & Lotions,


Bath & Skin Care, Kids Scents, Pet Care,

 Thieves Household Cleaners 


Therapeutic Grade Oils

effect the Physical, Emotional, or Spiritual part of us, and may help

 Transform Our Self Healing 

Application Techniques can be learned or done 

 Acupuncture Points can be beneficial when correct Oil is used. 

Coaching by  Me on the Phone ~ questions are welcome


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  Owner, Certified, Licensed, & Educator

 Spiritual  Health Coach 

 Self Healing Techniques  

 Vita Flex Release Technique

   Neuro Auricular Technique

 Raindrop Technique I & II


  Transform Your Power of  Self Healing

  For Learning About The  Following

*   The Law of Attraction, Believing in your Power

* Kinesiology Shown Simply (Muscle Testing Self)

* Self Healing Secrets of the Ancients

* Therapeutic Oils used on Acupuncture Points

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